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The Europe Press Is In...

Had a great time with Lenny Kravitz and Billy Idol in Europe. Thank you to all the new fans and friends we made along the way for their support.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from across the pond. Here Come The Girls is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

“Their jangly, strident riffs and chord progressions are cleverly echoed by their melodies and hooks…” - Classic Rock Magazine

“Plundering rock’s past with a glee not seen since Lenny Kravitz hung up his feather boa, their pitch-perfect nods to Badfinger (When I’m With You”, Jimi Hendrix (Steady) and Big Star (Crimson Revival) come with a timeless quality.” - Q

“Addictive slab of retro rock.” - Uncut

If You Buy One Album Out This Week, Make It…

The London Souls - Here Come The Girls

As we’ve said previously, some great rock albums excel within established boundaries. The London Souls (not actually from London) happened to pick particularly good boundaries. Here Come The Girls is their second album, and it’s an absolute delight – effortlessly capturing the Beatles-y spirit of Abbey Road (where it was recorded), rather than crowbarring retro qualities in. For the last few years The London Souls have, for the most part, been a secret confined to the New York live scene. But no more.

As sunny British picnic plans are sporadically ballsed up by rain, Here Come The Girls is one pocket of summer you can count on. Classic Rock writer Hugh Fielder called it “a timeless pleasure” in his review. It’s not a replica of the past, but it stirs in aspects of that era to endearing yet ‘new’ effect. Like a tasting menu of highlights from the 60s/early 70s – from jagged blues rock to soul and breezy, sun-kissed pop – filled out with fuzzy NYC personality. 

That title, Here Come The Girls, could indicate some ‘come-hither-laydees’ cockiness. It doesn’t, however, opting instead for a more general sense of summer lovin’ – and the associated medley of energy, hope, angst and bliss (especially twinkly-eyed in opener When I’m With You). There are girls here, though: one girl, Isabel, is immortalised in a heart-wrenching acoustic gem (so beautifully 60s-folky you’ll feel incense and cheesecloth grow from within), while Valerie merits upbeat yet pensive, Rolling Stones-tinged treatment. 

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Here Come The Girls is OUT NOW!
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