London Souls Heads Downtown For Free Show

The London Souls are bringing their New York City sound and attitude to Millennium Park Thursday evening for a free Downtown Sound concert, and suckers for classic rock songs are going to be in for a treat.

The duo of Tash Neal on guitar and Chris St. Hilaire on drums have put together a nice collection of straight up rock 'n' roll tunes on their latest effort, Here Come the Girls, that could fit almost seamlessly on any classic rock radio station without being stale or stodgy. The neat trick about Here Come the Girls is how the London Souls manage to use a familiar formula yet still manage to create something fresh and exciting.

Although we hear a lot of easily recognizable influences on the album from Badfinger, to Tommy James to a little early Alice Cooper and dipping into delta blues, The London Souls have written some catchy tunes. Opener "When I'm With You" is a one-way ticket to hitsville with a breezy pop feel, hot guitar licks and wild drumming.

The London Souls display a lot of skill on Here Come The Girls. Neal has a lot of control over his instrument, yet still can let it all go when he wants to rip a hot solo. He has also come up with some nice melodies for these songs and has a good voice with a pretty wide range. He hits some falsetto on tunes like the Ragtime number "How Can I Get Through," and then drops down into a powerful and gritty tone for the swampy "Steady."

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